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I am Kumaran Narayanaswamy from Chennai, India shortly called as Kums. I am an entrepreneur, Nature Lover and Photographer.Photography is one of the most loving hobby where I spend time on it over the weekends. Photography helps to reinvent myself and gives me a playground to play around with my creativity. My areas of interest in photography are landscapes ,Wild life and Birds. To me Photography is to capture the right moment from the right perspective.

I am an first generation entrepreneur and co founded  kCube where we specialize  on providing geospatial services.

The name AJKClicks was born out of my son’s name Abhijay Kumaran(AJK). Regarding my gear I use Nikon D4 with wide variety of lenses and for mobile photography I use iPhone 6+.Through this website I would like to share my photography experience and showcase my  work. Browse through my various photo galleries and I would like to hear your feedback,comments or any  queries. I can be reached via email nkumaran78 at gmail dot com

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